Most Beautiful Cat Breeds: Exotic to Extraordinary

With their oddly folded ears and abnormally round features, the Scottish fold is odd.

With their sleek, hairless bodies and pronounced cheekbones, sphynx cats are the runway models of the feline world 

Bengal cats appear to have left the jungle. Like seeing a little leopard.

The oriental shorthair cat is unique in cats. Their bat-like ears are exceptionally huge for their body.

My fave is ragdoll. Their lengthy fur and stunning blue eyes make them look cartoonish.

Munchkin cats are odd-looking. They're like cat weiner dogs with long bodies and short legs.

Devon rex cats are smart. Owners enjoy leashing and playing fetch with these cats.

With its strangely flat face, the Himalayan cat has lovely baby blues. They have Persian bodies and Siamese hues.

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