terrifying but typical dog issues

All types of loud sounds can cause noise phobia, but fireworks and thunderstorms usually scare dogs. Your dog reacting negatively to noises like these might produce a panic reaction that lasts minutes to hours, which is alarming.

Though frequent, dog cognitive impairment can nonetheless worrisome. It's common in older dogs over eight, therefore it's an indication of seniority

Most puppies with hip dysplasia are identified between six and 12 months old. It's uncomfortable and can be treated medically or surgically. The hip joints don't grow properly.

It's alarming when your dog seems distressed when you return home after even a short period. Dogs may try to escape or urinate and defecate.

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Kidney failure has major consequences, making it scary. Your dog will be thirsty and urinate more since they can't sustain hydrated.

If your dog has been around other dogs and is coughing, sneezing, and having other respiratory issues, they may have kennel cough.

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