Try these 7winter nail colors.

Dark crimson nails are perfect for covert affluence or silent elegance. “Classic dark colours will always be trending,” adds Shelton. Their shades suit all skin tones and are sophisticated

Natural nail inspiration is excellent, as Parnell-Raghnal mentioned. Sage nails were popular in summer and can join you in winter. 

Fashion experts say blue is a milder alternative to black, and the same goes for nails. You achieve intensity and depth without going gothic with murky blue and elegant navy winter nail colors. 

Bright red is another timeless winter nail color. Anything orange, pink, or coral will feel like summer manicure colors, so pillar-box shades are perfect. 

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If you're passionate about color coordination, the prospect of a nail paint that doesn't match your clothing may cause a bead of perspiration to develop on your (cold) forehead.

Pink sums up the recent six months of fashion and beauty trends, and the Barbiecore boom's repercussions are still felt. Shelton believes pinks are trendy.

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