Interesting History of German Dog Breeds

The American Eskimo originates from the German Spitz, a Nordic breed. 

This breed's pointed snout and low body are distinctive. Dachshunds, German for "badger dog," are 600 years old.

This cattle dog still herds in the West.

Not well recognized, this breed is a Wolf Spitz, Chow Chow, and Samoyed mix.

The small Pomeranian is bold and sassy. The breed originated in Pomerania, now Poland and Western Germany.

This powerful, brave breed, descended from Roman army mastiffs, is a faithful companion and guardian.

This lovable dog was created in Germany as a rifle dog to hunt bears and mountain lions.

Great Danes are loyal and kind. Though originally designed to hunt boars, the breed is gentle with kids. A playful, alert dog, it fits most households.

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