Cats with the Longest Lifespan

Ragdolls are peaceful and laid-back.. These calm cats survive 11-13 years, but frequently longer. Watch careful for heart and renal disease.

Long-haired Balinese resemble Siamese. Slender and stylish, they're active and talkative. Normal lifetime is 9-13 years, but can live 22. Though healthy, they can develop asthma, liver, and eye issues.

The fluffy Persian is calm and sweet-tempered and wants a tranquil, dignified existence. Persians typically live 12-15 years. Keeping a watch out for eye, heart, lung, and tooth concerns can extend their lifespan to 20 years.

Known for its furlessness, the Sphynx is a lively, energetic cat. Skin disorders, heart illness, and neurological difficulties might affect them. Sphinx live 15 years on average if well-cared for.

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This panther-like black cat is smart, energetic, and loves to play, so give them lots of interactive toys.They live 12-16 years. This breed is healthy, however respiratory issues, heart illness.

the Russian blue lives 10-15 years. They have a huge appetite and can get obese, so watch them. Additionally, bladder stones and vision difficulties may occur. 

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