Cheapest Dog Breeds Worldwide

Boston Terriers are amiable, non-shedding, and easy to train. Our tiny, apartment-friendly size and low-ish daily activity needs may be satisfied with a lengthy stroll make them ideal for city living. (Boston Terrier)

The health of Boston Terriers requires considerable attention. To avoid irritation, flush those huge eyes with saline when redness appears. (Boston Terrier)

Border Collie pups are affordable and tiny enough to not devour you. Active bigger Border Collies need a lot of food. Extremely energetic dogs.  (Border Collie)

Border Collies need twice-weekly brushing due to their double coat. Professional grooming is optional. Long-lived dogs are more likely to have cancer.  (Border Collie)

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Rat Terriers gave rise to American Hairless Terriers, which originated in Trout, Louisiana in the 1970s. Small Terriers, up to 16 inches at the shoulder. (American Hairless Terrier)

American Hairless Terriers can be short-coated. Hairless or not, these dogs need only a weekly brushing and should be kept out of the sun to avoid sunburns. (American Hairless Terrier)

They're healthy and seldom have skin issues. Due to their size, they only need one cup of food every day and are active. 

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