Ranking the World's Smartest Dog Breeds by IQ

Personality and temperament vary by cat. Fostering a cat before adoption will reveal their personality.

The Maine Coon. Maine coons are active, curious, and loving cats with thick hair. As adults, they often play like kittens. Friendship and affection are their hallmarks.

Ragdoll. These adorable cats are quiet and sociable. Owners say ragdoll cats' devotion to them makes them good emotional support.

Scottish Fold. Named after their ear shape, Scottish Folds are peaceful and quiet. They are easy-going and trainable.

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Sphynx. One research found that Sphynx cats are the most loving! The hairless beauties are kind and enjoy humans and pets. They like lap cats and crave heat.

Persian. Stunning long-haired women with striking eyes rule. They are loving yet can become upset by loudness or excitement. A quiet house suits them because they are inactive.

Tabby Cat/Domestic shorthair. Although the aforementioned friendly cat breeds are great, some of the most loving kittens are alley cats. 

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