Optimal Emotional Compatibility Based on Zodiac Signs

Although sexual complementarity is significant, it alone cannot sustain a truly gratifying relationship.

Emotional compatibility is a significant determinant of enduring happiness and satisfaction in any relationship.

Aries is not the baby of astrology. It's the pioneer. The headstrong, ambitious, go-getter who never lets people and their opinions faze them from their path. 

Aries emotions aren't oceans. Their joy and fun are explosive. That makes Sagittarius ideal for this ram.

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Sagittarius is the eternal wild child of the zodiac, going wherever the mood takes them and making dozens of friends along the way. 

They are laid-back but enthusiastic. Sagittariuses feel feelings wholeheartedly.

. Aquarius The Uranian air sign Aquarius is noted for its innovative spirituality. These spiritual pioneers challenge old ideas and try new practices. Aquarians are naturally drawn

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