Gorgeous non-shedding dog breeds

Dogs love unconditionally, defend the house, force us outside, and make terrific Instagram pets.

This Peruvian hound is agile, smart, and well-sighted for hunting. Its coat—or lack thereof—distinguishes the Inca orchid.

Tsvetnaya bolonka ("colored lap dogs") are little household pets. Smart, easygoing, and kid-friendly.

These 5- to 10-pound canines have silky white fur. These meatballs are authentically Italian, going back to the 11th century.

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Though clever and easy to teach, this herding breed needs regular exercise, supervision, and mental and physical stimulation

Webbed feet make these aquatic canines one of the finest swimmers. 

In French, diablotin moustachu means "mustached little devil," or affenpinscher ("monkey dog" or "ape terrier"). These little dogs are loyal, charming, and hypoallergenic, but they're not simple to teach.

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