best dog breeds for beginners

Labradors, one of the most popular dog breeds, make great family pets if taught properly.

This gorgeous British dog wants to please its owners and learn new skills. Border collies are good herders and need mental and physical stimulation.

Wonderfully loyal, nimble, and smart, German shepherds are loved worldwide. If properly trained from a young age, these work dogs can become great pets.

This lovely dog's perky, erect ears delight. Bonus: The breed's lively disposition makes training easier. Due to their demand for attention, they are kind and affectionate but clingy.

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The North American third-most popular dog breed is the golden retriever. Given that these dogs are obedience champs, this is expected.

Besides its noble appearance, the poodle is one of the world's smartest canines. Families and active owners will love its bright, playful personality.

 Sagit The Jupiter-ruled fire sign Sagittarius is daring and optimistic. They naturally stay calm and concentrated, which may surprise others. S

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