Elegant November Nail Ideas for Holidays and Everyday

November nails sparkle with cozy sentiments, fall colors, and holiday-inspired patterns. Discover the newest nail styles and elegantly rock your end-of-year celebrations.

Between Halloween and Christmas, attempt a simple November manicure. Black and white with beige, tan, or brown make a stylish color block.

Enjoy a deep wine red manicure in November as you transition into seasonal reds. Thanksgiving meal and Christmas present buying look great with glossy maroon or burgundy nails.

Fall trends include milk chocolate nails with icy glazed top polish. Hot cocoa nails are neutral enough to match any clothing and show off your flair.

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Classic plaid, feminine glitter, and trendy matte nails go well. Combining nail trends gives you gloss, pattern, and texture for your most fascinating manicure of the year.

You may be avoiding orange nail art as we move away from fall manicure trends. You may still use creamy white seasonal pumpkins. 

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