household-friendly dog breeds

Although active, Ceskies (derived from "Czech") are playful, curious, and easier to train than most terriers.

The national dog of the Czech Republic is active and laid-back.

Skye terriers, known for their loyalty and calmness, make great couch companions but thrive from long, unhurried walks.

Originally bred on Scotland's Isle of Skye as an exterminator, the AKC says this dog a "heavenly breed with the heart of a lion."

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These little pups are proud and confident like big dogs, not dominant or violent.

Though not tall, Sussex spaniels are strong, low-built dogs that are cheerful (in the classic spaniel way), but not as active as others in the breed group. 

. Cancer Cancer, a Moon-ruled water sign, is known for its compassion. Their sensitivity gives them a deep knowledge of emotions and relationships. C

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