Explore  Cat Breeds that are Hypoallergenic

An Oriental Shorthair is a great pet for this temperament. This breed's short hair makes it perfect for low-maintenance breeding.

Hypoallergenic Cornish Rexes are energetic and lively. Curly whiskers and egg-shaped heads characterize these medium-sized cats.

Due to their hairlessness, Hairless Sphynx cats are typically considered hypoallergenic. Not totally hypoallergenic. Still, they make fantastic allergy pets. 

Devon Rex cats are hypoallergenic and short-haired. They shed less with their curly, short hair. They're practically hypoallergenic since their skin doesn't grease up.

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Balinese hypoallergenic cats have silky hair, siamese-like coloring, and sparkling blue eyes

Some hypoallergenic cats have fur, but the Russian Blue does not. Instead, it produces less Fel d1, a protein many allergy patients are sensitive to.

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