Every Zodiac Should Be Wary This Scorpio Season

Aries Be careful during Scorpio season not to let passion overpower logical sense. You shouldn't follow your emotions without thinking.

Taurus Scorpio season would bring extreme jealousy. Comparisons are unhealthy, but these feelings are normal. Because someone else having what you want

Gemini Stay alert this Scorpio season—your ambition could tire you. You don't have to labor every day to reach your big dreams. 

Cancer Scorpio season brings out your resentment, so be careful. You can talk to someone about how they treated you to fix the issue instead of silently

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Leo Scorpio season is dangerous since you'll want to control everything. Even if you're a natural leader, you can't decide for others. You must let them mak

Virgo Scorpio season will boost your confidence, so be careful. Use this to your advantage and enjoy the feeling, but avoid arrogance. 

Libra Beware of growing distrust during Scorpio season. Just ask yourself if you have a reason to distrust others or if negative memories from your past 

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