Vintage Dessert Salad Recipes We Love

Cutting this dessert into squares makes it look like stained-glass windows.

A quick game of fetch on the sofa or letting your dog do her business in the backyard don't work.

On my western Kansas farm, harvesttime always brought hungry men.

Must bring a meal to pass this weekend? At potlucks, this strawberry pretzel salad disappears rapidly. Flint, Michigan's Aldene Belch

My Christmas potluck guests always ooh and aah over this meal. Top with whipped cream for extra appeal.

The ancient candy shop in my hometown sells circus peanuts, a favorite.

Honestly, adults and kids enjoy this jiggly salad. My holiday buffet always includes it.

Fresh fruit salads require last-minute assembly. That's why I use this make-ahead frozen fruit salad for parties. 

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