calmest dog breeds for companionship

Akitas, known as the silent hunter, are devoted guard dogs that bark quietly but will bark loudly if necessary.

Enjoyable, lively, and affectionate, the French Bulldog is vigilant and observant to his surroundings, although he'll likely just bark to alert you of a guest.

Great Danes bark, and you and your neighbors will know. Not for nothing are these breeds nicknamed gentle giants.

These sweet-natured dogs love two- and four-legged company and rarely bark. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are kind, graceful, and loyal to their owners.

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Bernese Mountain Dogs are large but calm, gentle, and eager to please. They make great watchdogs and only bark when strangers access their property.

A quiet, confident dog, the Cane Corso is intelligent and trainable. This willful breed needs a person to show them who's boss.

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