Dog Breeds with Low Barking

If you want the quietest breed, choose a Basenji, the “barkless dog”. 

Although they dislike outsiders and guard their owners and property, the breed is unlikely to use their voice to drive people away. 

The charming and funny The Pug breed is recognized for its low barking.

The AKC classifies these gentle giants as medium barkers. The Bernese is a family-friendly, easygoing breed.

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Love cats but want dogs? Borzoi are silent and feline-like.Since Borzoi are sighthounds, they rarely bark or make noise.

These adorable lapdogs are low to mid-noisy, yet they adore snuggling with their owners.

Most Frenchies bark just to notify. Due to its calm, pleasant attitude and low activity, this little dog makes a perfect apartment dog.

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