Love these long-nosed dog breeds

Lassie, one of the first TV and film character dogs, was a brave farm dog.

Borzoi, or Russian wolfhound, vies for longest snout.

Short legs, long ears, tail, body, and nose! That describes the Dachshund, a famous dog breed known for its cuteness and friendliness.

Fortunately, greyhound racing is banned in all but four U.S. states, and greyhounds are now much more popular and better off as companion pets. 

Prized for their acute sense of smell, bloodhounds have long aided law enforcement in sniffing out wrongdoers or missing persons 

Afghan hounds, one of the oldest canine breeds, are dog supermodels.

They hunted rats and otters in Britain's docklands, and Airedale Terriers still have working dog traits.

If you really want a dog with a big nose, look no further than the bull terrier 

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