Dachshund dog breeds for busy people with low upkeep

Long-haired Dachshunds demand a lot of work, whereas wire-haired ones need regular grooming.

Short coats need only a weekly brushing to remove extra hair. This makes them a near-perfect low-maintenance breed.

Give little Dachshunds 30 minutes a day and larger dogs an hour.

you have a garden, it's even better because they'll happily wander around, but make sure it's secure to prevent them from getting away

Adding a daily exercise will psychologically excite and enhance this breed, but training takes consistency and patience.

French Bulldogs are clean unless they're leaping in puddles and filth. Brushing their short, fine fur is easy because it doesn't mat.

Potential skin disorders are your major concern, however many Frenchies only need a bath once a month.

Talking to a vet will verify you're using the right shampoo, and if you dry well, especially between the folds, your pet should be fine.

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