Top Signs That Your Dog Is Your True Love

For almost 30,000 years, dogs have been humans' best friends. They were tamed before horses and ruminants and have become our best friends.

Pet behavior consultant, breeder, and How To Pets founder Mustafa Tshash told Newsweek that knowing each other well is another clue.

They will also comprehend your feelings by watching your conduct and interactions with them, calming you when needed.

Another big sign is the unwavering loyalty they display, always being there for you, ready to listen and provide unconditional love 

The fact that your dog always returns to you is another clue that they are your soulmate.

This may sound obvious, but your dog will always make you grin and laugh.

Your dog is your soulmate if they provide you purpose and consistent joy.

Talking to a vet will verify you're using the right shampoo, and if you dry well, especially between the folds, your pet should be fine.

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