Cutest Cat Breeds to Adopt

One of the oldest breeds, the Abyssinian is a majestic orange cat. Muscular build, arched neck, and huge ears distinguish this cat.

Despite its wild look, the American Bobtail is a loving, lively, and clever cat breed.

However, the American Curl is not named for its short or long hair. Its lovely backward-curling ears give it a cheerful look, hence "Curl".

This cat has short hair in many colors and patterns, as the name implies. The muscular American Shorthair weighs up to 12 pounds. Hill's says these beautiful kitties enjoy family time and sunnaps.

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A look-alike Siamese is more famous than this breed. They have similar body types, coloration, and startling blue eyes, but the Balinese has a silky, flowing hair and a plume tail—it may be one of the loveliest cat breeds.

An old English saying says, "A cat has nine lives. Three times he plays, three times he wanders, and three times he stays.”

Cats often get “zoomies” (or energy surges) at night, so you may think they're nocturnal.

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