Popular Dog Breeds Most People Regret Purchase

Dogs are thrilling, especially for kids. The realities of dog ownership often shock new dog parents.

Some breeds are harder to train than others, and owning a dog is like having a toddler.

The following highly popular breeds are amazing in the right hands, but don't be fooled by cute Instagram reels: Turning these dogs into well-behaved companions is hard work. 

Most owners are unaware that Jack Russells are miniature fireballs when they adopt one. Jack Russells are smart, curious class clowns with lots of energy.

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Without exercise, training, and playfulness, they'll bark, dig, and destroy everything you love.

Dachshunds are popular dogs, but not for everyone. Even though tiny dachshunds are small, they require a lot of care.

Healthy Eating/Toxic Free. What you eat affects your health. Alcohol and recreational drugs can impair intuition and thinking. Eat nutritious foods.

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