Comforting Casseroles Without Campbell's

Want to make a casserole without creamed or condensed soup? Read on for entrees, sides, and vegetarian options to make the classic, crowd-pleasing dish lighter and healthier.

A homemade stock fortified with beurre manie and sour cream makes this dish distinctive and velvety.

The entire title of this recipe reveals how many cooks are happy to provide casseroles without canned soups.

This morning or brunch dish, or surprising supper or side, makes its own creamy "soup" using a five-minute-prep broth. The dish can be baked, crock-potted, or frozen.

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On a cold night, this family favorite replaces canned soup with a handmade, creamy mayonnaise sauce in 45 minutes.

Besides ground beef, this supper recipe includes butter, mushrooms, shallots, and tater tots. A gluten-free, flour-broth-milk sauce adds flavor and keeps it together.

A rich, handmade garlic-mushroom sauce prepared with cream cheese replaces manufactured components in this nostalgic Christmas staple.

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