Easy, Cheap Homemade Dog Treats

These simple and affordable recipes and techniques for healthy dog treats are smart.

From the moment the peanut butter scent comes out of the kitchen, they know they're in for a treat

In a liver cake recipe, Safer Senior Care founder Meg Marrs substitutes "flax eggs" for eggs and rice flour for flour. "After many trials, I found a recipe that works well, is healthy, and is pretty simple," Marrs.

Emma Williams of Our Fit Pets' gluten-free Sweet Ginger Apple Dog Treats "Pumpkin, rich in vitamin A and potassium, regulates blood pressure and improves muscular function. 

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Dogs can consume CBD hemp oil, and collagen-rich chicken and the healthful oil make a tasty "soup" with chicken bone broth and fresh broccoli.

This three-ingredient creamy frozen delight with vitamins, potassium, and fiber is better than sugary ice cream and perfect for hot days.

A rich, handmade garlic-mushroom sauce prepared with cream cheese replaces manufactured components in this nostalgic Christmas staple.

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