some frequent aging cat issues:

Senior cats have higher energy demands than adult cats, who may need to limit calories. Many elderly cats struggle to maintain weight.

 Senior cats may have a weaker immune system. Chronic immune-compromising diseases are also more common in older cats

Chronic disorders including chronic renal disease and hyperthyroidism are more frequent in older cats. Treating some of these illnesses requires particular diets.

Senior cats are more prone to have dental problems, which can lead to tooth loss. Some older cats have no teeth, which might affect their appetite.

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 Many geriatric cats' renal function alterations expose them to dehydration. 

Younger cats eat more than older cats. It may be because their fragrance and taste have declined.

Due to their loyalty, devotion, and trustworthiness, Siamese cats are sometimes called dog-like. They are sensitive, adore cuddling, and want to be with their people always.

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