Which dog breed lives longest?

This sweet-natured medium-sized dog lives 10-15 years and barks and howls often. The oldest known Beagle lived 27 years!

The energetic Australian Shepherd Dog likes outdoor activities and is clever and work-oriented. Running around may keep Aussies healthy, as most live 12-15 years.  

In spite of their long, low shape, Dachshunds are confident, sociable, and curious. This sausage dog may stay with its owners for 16 years since they're smart and tenacious, but they won't win any medals for long-distance sprinting or leaping. 

Pomeranian dogs are little but fierce, even when their opponents are much larger. The clever Pomeranian's 12-16-year lifespan and cheerful, foxy face make them the perfect companion.

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Yorkshire Terriers, known as Yorkies, are courageous, fiery, and loving. They crave attention. Yorkies have big personalities and live 15 years, giving their owners love, humor, and a deep friendship that is hard to replace.

The Shih Tzu, a lapdog from Tibet, is human-oriented and peaceful, making it ideal for remote workers. This adorable little guy will delight and companion you for 18 years.

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