Canine breeds suitable for elderly individuals

Small and engaging, the German spitz rewards tons of play time from its owner. This dog may be trained to bark when a stranger approaches, something seniors may enjoy.

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The Cesky terrier is ideal for active seniors. Though terriers are known for their digging and noisy toys, this breed is actually rather calm.

The Glen of Imaal terrier may chase small dogs and cats, so be careful. They are ideal for seniors who have time to teach their dogs not just basic obedience but also fun tricks.

The 15-pound lowchen—little lion—is a cuddling darling. Bravery contributed to its name. The tail and hindquarters are clipped close to the skin for traditional grooming.

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Known as the "monkey dog," the affenpinscher is tiny, lively, and movable. Their tiny size suits a small house, apartment, or retirement community.

Especially if a Norfolk terrier is home, lock up your ferrets. They're loving but hunters, not lapdogs. An confined garden or leash can give it enough of exercise.

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