Tips for Slimming Down After 35

“Unfortunately, our metabolism”—the body's capacity to burn calories—“can work against us,” explains clinical dietician Mary Wirtz. This is largely because muscle mass diminishes 3–8% every decade after 30. 

Best Weight Loss Foods on Earth

Best Weight Loss Foods on Earth

Duke Diet and Fitness Center director William Samuel Yancy Jr., M.D. believes being active prevents muscle loss. Regular strength training twice a week helps maintain or rebuild muscle. 

Soda, sweetened iced tea, juices, and sugary smoothies. There are also empty calories in alcohol, especially artisan brews, which can contain 300 or more.

 You also want an honest assessment of any health issues that may impact your weight. Second: Schedule a lunch run, weekly weightlifting, or new fitness class with a pal. Accountability improves your and your friend's health, according to research.

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 Maintaining a healthy weight requires manage-ability, which depends on meal and snack time, portion size, and choice. 

The CDC recommends seven hours of sleep for healthy individuals, although more can help with weight. A 2022 research found that persons who slept eight and a half hours ate 270 less calories than those who slept less. 

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