7 American Favorite Ice Cream Flavors

The founders of America loved vanilla ice cream. Vanilla ice cream was invented by Thomas Jefferson. Vanilla is adored in pies, floats, and alone.

The second most popular ice cream flavor in America is chocolate. The top two pair wonderfully, so there's no need to select.

Sweets and cream A South Dakota State University dairy plant manager let students crush Oreo cookies into ice cream in 1979 to create the third most popular taste. The globe appreciates their discoveries.

Strawberry ice cream is pleasant and delicious. The dish is popular because it combines strawberries with vanilla ice cream. On January 15, National Strawberry Ice Cream Day is celebrated.

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Chocolate chip ice cream rules. Vanilla ice cream is creamy, but chocolate chips provide crunch.

This minty twist on classic chocolate chip ice cream is a Baskin-Robins original and gained popularity after being served at Princess Anne's wedding at Westminster Abby under the name Mint Royale. 

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream originated at the Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop in Burlington, Vermont, following a note a customer left on their flavor suggestion bulletin board in 1984. It was an instant hit! 

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