The Differences Between Male and Female Labrador Retrievers

Females have rounder heads. This difference is so small that it's impossible to discern when they're seated together. Softer fur is also found on women. The male coat is soft and coarse. 

Both sexes are notorious shedders. Prepare the vacuum cleaner if you own or want a Labrador retriever.

Labrador girls mature sexually faster than boys. For the most. Some women take a year, which is common for men. Females can mature sexually in 7 months.

Females differ by 5 months. For men, the gap is usually negligible or negligible. Males achieve sexual maturity one year after birth with little variation.

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Luckily, their ages are similar. Males and females live 10–12 years. Diet, activity, and vet visits impact their longevity.

Training female and male Labradors is simple. Male labs are better at training than most other breeds, despite their inclination to get sidetracked. 

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