Easy dog breeds for first-timers

Rottweilers are loyal and don't need much coddling, making them ideal for first-time owners, especially active ones. Rottweilers guard their family and need lengthy walks or jogs everyday, according to Petfinder.

New dog owners can relax with a Rafeiro do Alentejo. This watchdog is peaceful, protective of its family, and requires just occasional bathing and weekly brushing.

The calm, affectionate Perro de Presa Canario is protective. Petfinder advises first-time dog owners to keep these dogs away from other dogs and pets, yet they are very devoted to their families.

Despite its moppish appearance, the briard is a terrific watchdog and a wonderful choice for first-time dog owners. It has a history of guarding its family

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American bulldogs are gentle and friendly, making them ideal for youngsters. The dog is devoted to its family and easy to teach, although it's better to start early.

Clumber spaniels look similar to cocker spaniels, but they are not the same, and though the name may come from England, it's unknown where this breed originated 

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