Beautiful Collie Dog Breeds

The American Kennel Club calls these dogs collies, not their own breed. 

Smooth collies are also simply classified as “collies.” With the exception of coat, they’re identical to rough collies. 

Border collies weigh 30-55 pounds and stand 18-22 inches at the shoulder.

Bearded collies have long, velvety black, blue, brown, or fawn fur, giving them a sheepdog aspect.

These smaller collies are more lively, protective, better with other dogs, and warier of strangers than regular collies.

These pups tend to be affectionate, family-loving, and good with children. Of course, dogs and children should always be supervised when together! 

Australian koolie is a mixed-breed dog. No major kennel associations recognize the breed.

Welsh sheepdogs evolved from various Welsh sheepdogs into a few breeds

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