Mastiff breeds to know

The English Mastiff, the largest Mastiff breed at 230 pounds, is friendly and easygoing. Even though they show little emotion, they are very loyal and will become family.

The clever Argentine Dogo is lively, simple to teach, and a faithful guardian of its home and family. They were created to assist people hunt wild boar.

In the 1860s, England crossed the Old English Mastiff with bulldogs to create the Bullmastiff, a bold, loyal, clever, and lovable breed.

You cannot overlook these Italian dogs' characteristic jowls and wrinkled skin! Roman guards protected land and property from attackers who stupidly thought they could handle this 150-pound dog.

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Did you know the German Mastiff is often called the Great Dane? This type, which may grow to 30 inches, is amiable, trustworthy, and wonderful with kids.

ibetan Mastiffs are massive mountain dogs with incredibly thick coats, designed to keep them warm during the cold weather in the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayas, from where the breed originates. 

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