Pomeranian Grooming Guide: 7 Tips for a Healthy and Beautiful Coat

A dog brush removes matting and tangles without hurting your dog. Good dog brushes include soft bristle brushes that groom hair and soothe dogs. 

Trimming your dog's feet requires clippers. Without cut foot hair, kids might slide and hurt themselves. They also let you clip your Pomeranian for the holidays!

Monthly or bimonthly nail trims are required for your Pomeranian. For squeamish or unstable hands, a local groomer or veterinarian can cut the nails.

Your Pomeranian has soft paws. Environmental and seasonal factors can burn, split, and dry their paw padding.

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No need for treats. Rewarding excellent behavior can help you train pups and adults. It can also help your dog link grooming with positives and lessen dread.

Any grooming kit needs first aid. Your dog might move the wrong direction, get spooked, or run away during a nail trim in an instant. Thus, a doggy first aid kit is essential.

An essential part to grooming your Pomeranian is to brush their teeth. Consequently, it protects them from rotting teeth, gum disease, and other serious health conditions. 

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