Beautiful Black Cat Breeds You'll Love Forever

he Cat Fancier's Association (CFA) reports that the Norwegian Forest Cat, with its long bushy tail and shiny double coat, arrived in the U.S. in 1979

The Manx, a tailless cat from the Isle of Man, comes in black and black smoke . Colors include blue smoke, red smoke, and tortoiseshell

Scottish Fold cats are quickly identified by their folded ears. Second, their Puss in Boots-sized eyes may attract you. Scottish Folds are so friendly .

The pale coat and black stripes of most silver tabbies contrast vividly

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The Sphynx is hairless and black, unlike other black cat breeds on this list.  Sphynxes are friendly indoor cats who don't tolerate harsh weather, thus they should be kept indoors.

Even more impressive than the Egyptian mau's beautiful, spotted coat and stunning emerald eyes are its natural beauty. They are the only naturally spotted cat, not carefully bred. 

Both calico tabbies and non-tabby calicos appear frequently in domestic cats. Calico markings appear at random due to the inactivation of the genes that make black and orange fur 

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