Astrologers' Most Stubborn Zodiac Sign

If you encounter a stubborn person, instead of debating them (we all know how that works!), consider their horoscope.

Adventurer and spontaneous Sagittarius usually accept change, yet their obstinate side sometimes shows.

According to Nomadrs astrologer Raquel Rodriguez, they might be adamant about their goals and philosophies, which are usually existential rather than daily.

Cancer is caring yet stubborn with family and friends. They're unlikely to back down while defending something or someone they care about.

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Leos, the fixed fire sign, stick to their guns and act from the heart "Briana Saussy, astrologer of Sacred Arts for Soulful Seekers, adds.

Rodriguez thinks Capricorns are stubborn because they are disciplined and focused. Nothing will stop them from achieving a goal or to-do list.

. Cancer Cancer, a Moon-ruled water sign, is known for its compassion. Their sensitivity gives them a deep knowledge of emotions and relationships. C

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