Foods to Eat Raw

Raw broccoli is superior. High levels of sulforaphane in broccoli prevent cancer, heart disease, inflammation, depression, and other health issues.

Quercetin-rich onions have several health advantages, including cancer-fighting properties. “When eaten raw, you maximize [] cancer-fighting properties,”

 garlic is an allium vegetable with antiplatelet compounds, but heat affects its cardiovascular disease-fighting characteristics.

You undoubtedly know blueberries are healthy, but how healthy? Julie Joffrion, a fitness nutrition consultant at All Inclusive Health, tells Reader's Digest that polyphenols in blueberries provide them the most antioxidants. 

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Roasted peppers a quick, easy complement to any meal, but you may prefer them raw. The National Institutes of Health says heat destroys vitamin C in red bell peppers.

Kale, a cruciferous vegetable, contains glucosinolates, which react with myrosinase to form a disease-fighting chemical.

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