Low-Sugar Fruit

Glycemic index is low in grapefruit. The glycemic index evaluates food's blood sugar rise. Lower-glycemic index foods digest slowly and raise blood sugar more slowly.

Vitamins, polyphenols, and fiber are abundant in berries. Their glycemic index is low. A1C levels in type 2 diabetics improve dramatically when they eat more low-glycemic foods like berries. 

a lemon For a pleasant drink when you're hungry, squeeze their juice into water. Lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil make a wonderful salad dressing.

Limes have less sugar than lemons. Each lime has 1 g sugar and 2 g fiber.

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Lime sugar is lower than lemon sugar. Limes provide 1 g sugar and 2 g fiber.While watermelon has a high glycemic index, it is 92% water and has minimal carbs.

These little green fruits are fiber-rich and low in glycemic index. Their vitamin C content is great. With 48 calories, one kiwi fruit

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