Most popular house-friendly dog breeds

Ceskies (derived from "Czech") are lively, inquisitive, and easier to teach than most terriers. The Czech national dog is lively and laid-back.

The loyal and placid Skye terriers are great sofa companions but benefit from a long, leisurely stroll everyday. The AKC considers this dog a "heavenly breed with the heart of a lion."

Dandie Dinmont terrier puppies are little, yet they're proud and confident like big dogs. They love each other at home and simply need a few nice walks to keep happy.

Sussex spaniels are sturdy, low-built, and happy, but less energetic than other spaniels. A Sussex is content with a little walk.

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These charming, scruffy terriers aren't elegant. Their vocation as working farm dogs gives them an inquisitive, adventurous, and delightfully vivacious personality.

Lapphunds from Finland agile Nordic dogs are shy around strangers yet sociable and eager at home. Their stature belies their muscularity as reindeer herders. 

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