Healthy Alternatives to Common Junk Foods

Graham crackers have less sugar than most packaged cookies, and graham flour is whole grain wheat flour, which offers more fiber and vitamins than white flour.

Dark and even certain milk chocolates with at least 50% cacao are wonderful snacks for stressed people since they're high in magnesium, which is depleted by stress.

Some study suggests that eating more dairy might help prevent heart disease, although most people know that cheese is high in calcium.

One scoop of full-fat ice cream provides calcium and protein. Low-fat versions include sugar and chemicals to replace fat's taste, so avoid them.

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High-protein beef jerky doesn't raise insulin. Although some versions are heavy in salt and preservatives, there are all-natural, low-sodium, and grass-fed options.

Homemade and air-popped popcorn is simpler to regulate than movie theater popcorn, which is drenched in salt and unknown vegetable oils

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