Allergy-Friendly Cat Breeds

Sphynx cats are practically hairless, however some have fine down. This breed sheds less and has little dander because to its short hair.

Curled Devon Rex coats are hypoallergenic. These cats sweat less, reducing allergies in your household. Devon Rex cats are people-oriented and affectionate.

 The Devon Rex and Cornish Rex are unrelated. The Cornish Rex has a lovely coat of curly hair, although it is slimmer and longer than the Devon. Hair loses minimally due to its fineness

Long-haired Siberian cats have a fraction of the Fel d-1 present in other cats. Siberian cats are considered the finest for allergy patients despite their lengthy hair since they lack this allergen. 

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The Balinese, another long-haired breed with low Fel d-1, is a healthy allergy cat. To avoid allergies, don't let your Balinese lick you because cat saliva contains protein. 

The Bengal's pelt-like coat distinguishes it from other low-allergen cats. This is because they're a hybrid breed of Asian Leopard Cat and domestic housecat

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