Top Dog Breeds Known for Their Aggressive Nature

In the study conducted by the University of Helsinki, rough collies, also known as long-haired collies, had the highest level of aggression among all the breeds examined.

They are hyperactive and can become violent. The study found that miniature poodles, who are frequently seen as "yappy," are one of the most aggressive dog breeds.

miniature schnauzer security dogs. Stature may make them more aggressive than bigger cousins.

German shepherds are often police or military dogs, but not because they are hostile. Instead, training works better on them. 

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Medium-sized Spanish Water Dogs with woolly curls were created to rescue downed ducks. Today, they're recognized as sporty family dogs and watchdogs.

The curly-coated Lagotto Romagnolo was bred in northern Italy to seek truffles. Like other working dogs, they're lively and need lots of activity to avoid aggression.

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