ways to increase daily steps to decrease abdominal fat

Make a morning stroll a habit. It's about taking a 20–30-minute stroll before starting your day, not rushing out.

 For a longer walk, get off the bus or train a few stations earlier or park farther from your office. The step count grows dramatically and exercise is smoothly integrated into your regular routine.

Switch from sitting to walking meetings. Ask for a mobile meeting with a coworker. The change of location may spark creativity and a more fruitful meeting in a 30-minute talk that turns into two thousand steps.

Take a half-hour lunchtime stroll. Find a 15- to 30-minute stroll around a park or the block near your business. 

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Schedule device notifications to stand up and take a short stroll. Set them for every hour or high-inactivity times.

Avoid the elevator and take the stairs if possible. It raises your daily step count and strengthens your lower body.

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