top hypoallergenic dog breeds

Peruvian Inca orchid dogs can be covered, but most are hairless, making them excellent for allergy sufferers.

Like Bolognese pasta, the breed is Italian. Despite their beautiful coats, Bolognese dogs don't shed. Allergic people can ask groomers to trim the coat to one inch.

Dense, curly coats fit these rustic French water dogs for swimming and hunting—the barbet's traditional duty. Calm, clever, and friendly, these tall, strong dogs need exercise to keep happy.

Tight, reddish-brown curls contrast with the Irish water spaniel's long, thin tail. These energetic dogs are easy to train but need daily exercise.

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Lowerchen, German for "little lion," are popular companion dogs. The shoulder-tall, non-shedding dog is fearless and resembles a small lion with its mane and tail.

A Bedlington terrier is unforgettable: This dog's pear-shaped head, arching back, sheep-like coat, and hairless ears are easily recognized.

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