Dog breeds that are hypoallergenic and highly lovable.

As the tallest terrier, this breed makes a fine household companion but enjoys hunting and needs regular activity. Airedales have dense, wiry, low-shedding coats, say breeders.

This beautiful dog protects the family by yodeling instead of barking. The breed's short coat sheds less. Basenji dogs groom themselves like cats.

Bedlingtons look like lambs but have terrier personalities. Groomers should trim the breed's thick, nonshedding coat, so budget for it.

This breed seeks attention and hates solitude. Bichon frise, often known as the Tenerife dog, is a poodle-French water dog hybrid.

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Border terriers are happy, laid-back dogs. The breed's rough, dense coat sheds seasonally.

Beginner pet owners should avoid Bouviers. As a security dog and family pet, the Bouvier des Flandres needs an experienced owner.

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