4 Zodiacs Have Self-Forgiveness Issues

Taurus Bad habit of focusing on the past. No matter how long has passed, you will replay your darkest events in your thoughts. You'll grimace at your actions and think of

 Even if you have a big heart and forgive readily when someone you love mess up, you don't forgive yourself. You never forget your mistakes.

Virgo You have trouble forgiving yourself because you value perfection. To you, your best is never enough. Everyone else may think you succeeded

f. Only human. You won't succeed every time. No need to detest yourself. Your strengths can't be ignored to improve your inadequacies.

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Scorpio Too much time with rude and hateful people makes it hard to forgive yourself. You may have internalized their responsibility for everything that goes wrong. 

Regardless, others have normalized and encouraged your self-hatred. So be careful who you associate with in the future

Pisces You struggle to forgive yourself because you hate seeing others hurt, especially when you're the cause. You try to be polite and respectful, yet you're human. 

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