Dog breeds with the longest lifespans

                                (Pomeranian)In 1888, Queen Victoria fell in love with a Florence, Italy, breed and took it to England, making it popular with a 14-year lifespan.

(Border Collie)These intelligent dogs are ideal for first-time dog owners and trainers. They live about 13 years.

(Beagle) Classic hunting dog, this amiable pooch has won over many. Average beagle lifespan is 13–15 years.

(New Guinea Singing Dog) This breed is docile and loving, known for its melodic howl. Their average lifespan is 18 years.  

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(Lagotto Romagnolo) "lake dog from Romagna," is from Romagna, Italy. With a 16-year lifespan, this dog needs lots of exercise.

(A Jack Russell) Strong and powerful, the Jack Russell Terrier originated in England and evolved in Australia. Their typical lifespan is 16 years.

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